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Popular Terms

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses contain special crystal lenses which greatly enhance the festival experience. The crystals create a mirror effect and change the way your eye processes light; perfect for the big stage with lasers and light beams

Kaleidoscope Glasses in a sentence: I was completely immersed in the lights at the main stage with my kaleidoscope glasses on!

Edm Meme

The word meme is derived from "imitation" or "mimic". An EDM meme is typically a picture used in social media to communicate an idea, behavior or style within the EDM culture.

Edm Meme in a sentence: The EDM meme on Instagram went viral today because it was so funny!

Diffraction Glasses

The lenses in these glasses are unique as they split light into multiple beams of color. They generally enhance the EDM festival experience.

Diffraction Glasses in a sentence: The light show at Circuit Grounds was amazing and then my boy handed me his diffraction glasses and I went to the next level!

Flowy Tank

Also known as a boxy tank, flowy tanks are loose cropped tanks. Not only are they comfortable because they have extra material, they also allow ravers to sport large oversized graphics on the front.

Flowy Tank in a sentence: That Neon Owl Flowy Cropped Tank by Dem Vibes is super cute and super comfortable.


A popular type of women's tank top which has a T back. Offers raver chics full coverage with a sexy back.

Racerback in a sentence: That Dem Vibes WildeBass Racerback is badass and sexy!


A sub genre of techno. The beauty of minimal lies in the play between repetition and small changes. These small changes are emphasized because of the stripped down nature of the genre. Made popular by Robert Hood, Richie Hawtin, Mike Banks, and Kenny Larkin. The majority of minimal tracks fall in between 125 and 130 bpm.

Minimal in a sentence: Big EDM synths bug the sh*t out of me; minimal is more my style.


Acronym for "Before Anything Else". Usually refers to a romantic partner but could also refer to pizza.

Bae in a sentence: There is nothing like going to the rave with BAE.


Acronym for "fear of missing out".

Fomo in a sentence: I'm unable to attend EDC this year with my friends so I'm experiencing extreme FOMO.

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival, also called Ultra, is a world renowned rave festival which takes place in Miami Florida. It began in 1999 and has grown in both size and production. The best DJs in the world often release their new summer tracks going into Ultra.

Ultra Music Festival in a sentence: Bruhhhh, we are going to get to the front of the stage at Ultra and go HAM!


One of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. Tomorrowland is in Belgium and takes place over 3 days in the last weekend of July. Tomorrowland draws in the biggest DJ acts and is best known for it's outlandish stage productions.

Tomorrowland in a sentence: I can't wait to go to Belgium next year and experience TomorrowLand for the first time!


A huge rave festival held south of Atlanta, Georgia. This event is unique as many ravers take part in Dreamville; a small raver camping village which is setup and removed over a five day period. The rave itself is a 3 day event and draws some of the biggest DJ talents from across the world.

Tomorrowworld in a sentence: I can't wait to camp out and rave at TomorrowWorld!!


A term to describe a new apparel printing technology. It is used to produce extremely complex graphics with extreme detail. The print on the apparel feels more "inside" the fabric as opposed to screen printing which feels "on top" of the fabric. Sublimation often leaves small white "vapors" in different areas of the garment, most often under the arms of tee shirts.

Sublimation in a sentence: That white tiger sublimation tank from Dem Vibes is the most insane piece of rave gear I have ever seen!


Soft furry leg warmers generally worn by girls at raves to accent their outfits. They can be a single color, multiple colors, they can be small, they can be large and some even light up.

Fluffies in a sentence: Oh meee gawddddd your fluffies are sooooo cute!

Electric Daisy Carnival

An enormous world traveling rave festival which is produced by Insomniac Events. The flagship festival of EDC takes place in Las Vegas and, in 2014, more than 700,000 people attended over a 3 day period.

Electric Daisy Carnival in a sentence: Electric Daisy Carnival is, hands down, the best festival. I leave the Vegas strip at sunset and I rave all night until the sun comes back up. For me it's a spiritual thing; it hits my reset button and reminds me how important it is to be PLUR in everyday life.


A compression technique used by EDM producers often. Although it can be used in many different ways, sidechaining is most prominently used to "duck" the volume of the bass when the kick drum hits. This sidechain effect creates the groove found in the majority of EDM tracks.

Sidechain in a sentence: The way Kaskade uses the sidechain technique to mix the kick drum and sub bass is masterful.

Glitch Hop

A sub genre of EDM where computer like glitch/error sounds are strung together in a musical and rhythmic manner. It is often fused with hip hop elements to make funky grooves and big bass lines.

Glitch Hop in a sentence: Xilent's new Glitch Hop track is melodic, beautiful and just fun!